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To enjoy this Erasmus+ experience you must be enrolled in a higher education institution and in studies leading to a recognized degree. First cycle students must be at least in their second year of studies.

The period of study abroad must be relevant to the purposes of the degree and personal development needs and form part of the study plan you are taking.

To be able to study with Erasmus+, there must be an inter-institutional agreement between the institutions of origin and destination.

Whoever wants to enjoy this experience should not have any subjects either to be retaken or in a grace call, at the time of carrying out the mobility.

The center of origin manages the scholarships and the administrative processing of the documentation necessary to carry out the mobility, anyway the search for accommodation will be managed by the students.


The Erasmus+ program at IDarte gives the possibility of carrying out semi-annual or annual mobility, having a minimum duration of 2 months and a maximum of 12 months. You can carry out several Erasmus+ exchanges, as a student or as an intern, but the total time cannot exceed 12 months within a study cycle. 

  • Semester mobility: 30 ECTS credits —> duration: 4/5 months approx.
  • Annual mobility: 60 ECTS credits —> duration: 9 months approx.

Financial support

You can apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship that contributes to your travel and stay expenses.

This request will be managed by the student’s origin center. The amounts of the scholarships and the percentages set for exchanges between program countries and associated countries are published in the Erasmus+ Program Guide.

Regardless of whether or not you are going to receive an Erasmus+ scholarship, you will sign a grant agreement that will specify the duration of the mobility period, the amount of the scholarship and other rights and obligations.

If you move between program countries, your home institution will sign the grant agreement and will be responsible for all payments.

As an Erasmus+ student you will be exempt from academic, registration and exam fees and access rights to laboratories and libraries at the destination institution.

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How to take part


Our School

IDarte is the Public Higher School of Design of Euskadi. At IDarte we believe that design is a public service that makes the world a better place. 

Our objectives are education and innovation. We combine art with design, and research with results.

Our philosophy is to learn by doing. We are a laboratory where teachers and students work hand in hand. We create everything around us from scratch.

The training offer

You have the possibility of downloading IDarte educational programs in the following link:

Study in IDARTE


The application must be submitted through an organization, such as your university or training center.

Your organization must be located in a program country. Those countries are the Member States of the EU and a short list of other countries associated with the programme. Other actions are also open to groups of countries not associated with the program. See the list of countries of the Erasmus+ program (EU Member States and countries associated with the program)