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Doing science is creating visualities, working with images to reveal the different layers that make up the set of possible realities.

– Josep M. Català.

IDarte is the Public Higher School of Design of Euskadi. At IDarte we believe that design is a public service that makes the world a better place.

Our objectives are education and innovation. We combine art with design, and research with results.

Our philosophy is to learn by doing. We are a laboratory where teachers and students work hand in hand. We create everything around us from scratch.

Teachers and students jointly build each workspace, each digital service we provide and each product we design. Our brand, our furniture, our website… We design everything that is part of IDarte.

That is why you will find changes in progress and, perhaps, the occasional bug. To innovate requires some courage, a lot of practice and problem solving. This is how we learn and improve at IDarte.

We are Basque and global. We are proud of our diversity. Come, we are waiting for you. IDarte, the Public Higher School of Design of Euskadi

IDarte, la Escuela Superior de Diseño Pública de Euskadi

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