IDarte, La escuela Publica de diseño de Euskadi


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Is it necessary to have passed selectividad entry exams or any specific tests in order to join a Higher Arts Studies course? Is there a minimum grade?

Selectividad is not necessary. You must pass a specific test.

How much does enrolment cost?

Is partial enrolment an option?

No, except in the fourth year of Higher Design Studies.

How many places are available?

40 for each specialisation and course in Higher Arts Studies in Design, and 20 for each specialisation and course in Higher Vocational Training in Plastic Arts and Design.

What is the timetable and calendar?

The classes run from September to June, currently from 8:30 to 15:50

Is attendance obligatory?

On Higher Vocational Training in Plastic Arts and Design courses, it is. On Higher Arts Studies in Design, it depends on the subject. The components are currently on-site. There is no blended learning or any online subjects available.

Is there a maximum number of times you can enrol for each subject?

Four enrolments per subject and the possibility of asking the Basque Country education authorities for an extra opportunity.

How are validation and standardisation managed?

Can I request a grant?

Yes, those grants which correspond to us as a public education centre.

Is there any work experience?

Yes, and it is obligatory.

What language are the subjects taught in?

From 2018-19 onwards, in Basque and Spanish with some in US English, depending on the specialisation.

What is the level of these official qualifications and how official are they?

They are official qualifications at level MECES1 in Vocational Training and MECES2 in Higher Studies. The latter equips you for entry to postrgraduate courses, to take professional entry exams (oposiciones) and/or to teach.