IDarte, La escuela Publica de diseño de Euskadi


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“Scientific research is the creation of visualities, working with images to bring to light the various layers that make up the array of possible realities.”

– Josep M. Català.

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We find ourselves in the middle of the visual age, faced with the challenge of giving shape and visibility to new and renewed interpretations of the complex social realities that surround us. Design, as a product of human creativity, facilitates the materialisation of the utopian projections that draft a better world. I.D arte, the only public centre in the Basque Country where Higher Arts Studies in Design are taught, is the laboratory where creative minds are incubated; the minds needed by today’s society to solve problems across all fields and sectors, to meet modern needs and overcome imminent challenges, to build human-environmental spaces and realities that are fairer, more innovative and more sustainable.

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Our Higher Arts Studies in Graphic Design and Interior Design, and the Higher Vocational Training in Photography and Illustration are interculturally integrated, inclusive tools, and are of critical human development. They provide future artists, creatives and designers with comprehensive training as professionals and as subjects of transformation: human beings who are able to think and act differently, creatively and responsibly, and to get ahead in the realm of design and image; people who create new solutions, philosophies and lifestyles, far beyond aesthetic representations and shape.

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